Reflect-N-Us Art Gallery

I encourage each of you to take a few minutes of your time to view our online gallery and place a vote for your favorite creations by our elders. Please forward onto friends and family. We want everyone to see! Please follow the link below, login, and vote! Deadline to place your vote is July 31, 2014 @5:00pm EST (

Below are the categories, the names of the pieces of art that our elders have submitted to the Reflect-N-Us website for votes, and the page number it is found on.


  • “Bright Gloomy Day”-5
  • “Sunflowers”-21
  • “Flowers in the Meadow”-11
  • “Snakes”-5
  • “Shooting Stars”-11
  • “Tree of Thanks”-11
  • “Bright Flower”-5
  • “Springtime”-11
  • “Hot Rose”/”A Rose is a Rose”-11
  • “Dancing Flowers”-10
  • “Peaceful and Serene Peacock”-11
  • “Forest”-13
  • “The Jungle”-16
  • “Patchwork Quilt”-10
  • “Bubbles Galore”-21
  • “Rainy Window”-13
  • “Scrambled Mess”-11
  • “Patriotism”-10

Group Art Project

  • “Boy in Storm”-2
  • “Standing Alone”-1
  • “Electric”-3
  • “Flower Garden”-1
  • “Garden Flowers”-3
  • “Bubble War”-2
  • “Bubble Explosion”-2
  • “Streaks of Rain”-1

Mixed Media

  • “Tree of Life”-3


  • “UK Butterfly”-4
  • “Bright Butterfly”-1
  • “Wondrous Flight”-5