Shop ‘Til You Drop

Lucille Thompson and Mary Dean Troxell had been awaiting a shopping trip to Wal-Mart for a few weeks . Mary Dean kept wondering each day  if she was taking enough money with her and Lucille was hurrying up until the day of. The morning of their trip, each of these ladies were up bright and early, ate their breakfasts hurriedly, and could not wait until the R-tech bus would arrive so we could get on the road. Mary Dean kept asking me, “When will the bus be here?” as she would check her watch. About five minutes after she would ask once, she would ask again.

Upon arriving at Wal-Mart, each of these ladies, and other elders, went about scurrying to find the best deals. Some found clothes, some found snacks and drinks, while others found crafting items. When it was time to leave, Lucille stated, “I wish I could stay all day, I could shop ’til I dropped!”

Everyone is excited for their next trip!

Pictured: Elders Lucille Thompson with Chasity Stearns, Elder Mary Troxell and Jennifer Owens, Elder Anna Irwin, Elder Walena Dalton, Elder Geneva Cross, Edler Jimmy Sidwell with Bro. Michael Cooper, and Elder Wendell Shelton.