Camp Clinton Outing

It was a beautiful day to travel to Wolf Creek Dam, the source for Cumberland Lake in south-central Kentucky. Elders accompanied the Camp Clinton campers for a morning of hiking, games and a picnic. Several groups of children from around the area were present for what was called “The Longest Day of Play”.

It started out with archery. Elders joined in setting the arrow, pulling the string and releasing the arrow to hit the target (or not). Strict boundaries kept everyone safe. Afterwards, each participant received a special arrow. Next came a nature hike into the woods and back. Then there were competitive relay races: 1) transferring fishing tackle from a container at one end to a tackle box back at the beginning; followed by, 2) running to point A and back again clad in cumbersome fishing gear. What followed was casting with rods and reels.

Wolf Creek Dam also has a fish hatchery. The campers enjoyed the Visitors Center where local wildlife is displayed and educational stations tell about the work of the hatchery. Getting a picture with the black bear, indigenous to the region, was important to some of the campers and their families.

The morning concluded with refreshments under a picnic shelter overlooking the Cumberland River.

It was a beautiful day to enjoy the outdoors and the companionship of each other.