Art has Heart!

A lot of heart went into this year’s Reflect-N-Us Art Show. There was Melissa’s love of working with the Clinton County Campers helping them with their art. The Campers painted bird houses, finger painted, etc. Frequently, several Campers were spending time with her as they worked together. Melissa was enthusiastic about contributing to the show. She enjoyed the intricate details of “sugar skulls” and selecting combinations of bright colors. There was Enno’s surprise that her work would be displayed. Vivian’s poetry revealed her struggles with the loss of health and the comfort she received from putting those emotions into poems. Her poems also expressed warmth, humor, insight and beauty. The hearts of Vivian and her neighbor, Alma, were nit together as they worked together on puzzles. The smiles of the children, the participating Elders, and the staff (appreciating the art) made the event complete.