Knitting Relationships

The Albany Independent Baptist Church Ladies and Pastor Melvin Daniel delivered 52 lap quilts to the elders/residents Tuesday evening. (With a 52-bed capacity, this was enough for every elder under our roof.) They were made by the ladies of the church while teaching many how to sew. “This has been a wonderful blessing for us and we hope it brings much joy and comfort to those that received them.”

The relationship between our Home and community churches is “tight knit”. We are so grateful for the contribution many local churches are making each week to the quality of life of our elders. Thank you, Pastor Daniel, and ladies of Albany Independent Baptist Church!

In the ninth chapter of the Book of Acts there is the account of a woman by the name of Dorcas who came back to life after Peter prayed for her. When Peter was summoned to come to the town where Dorcas lay dead, he was greeted by weeping widows who showed him “the coats and garments which Dorcas made while she was with them”. Dorcas lived on after Peter’s prayer. Furthermore, I am confident that after Dorcas did ultimately leave this world, the garments and the knitted hearts they bonded, lived on. Such is the potential durability of kind deeds and compassionate caring.