A Spirit of Christmas Carol

In the iconic book, A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens creates the story of a miserly businessman who represents the opposite of the Christmas “spirit”. Ebenezer Scrooge illustrates the withered soul that is shriveled, hard and dry of the “milk of human kindness”. If one wanted an example of the true spirit of Christmas, a complete opposite of Mr. Scrooge, they could find it in Rosemary Braswell and her family.
Rosemary manages Albany Manor apartment complex and for this Christmas she and her family decided that they would not spend their Christmas money on each other, certainly a worthy thing; but instead, they would spend it on others. Their reasoning was that they did not see a need to add more to the stuff they already owned but did see a need to give to others who have less. That prompted them to contact us.
To fulfill their mission, they had to coordinate their efforts across state lines, since they were not all living in Albany. Names were provided them from our QOL Director. They purchased the gifts among themselves and then went the extra mile in getting gifts for all the elders. They then gathered together, from across the miles, to deliver their gifts with joyful, grateful hearts.
The “spirit of Christmas” includes generosity, kindness, thoughtfulness, consideration and more. I would say, without fear of contradiction, this is what makes Christmas truly Christmas.
Thank you, Rosemary and family, for your example of the spirit of Christmas.