She Loves Puzzles

Her name is Alma and she loves putting puzzles together. She has probably put together dozens of puzzles. For Christmas she was given eight or nine puzzles. The uncompleted puzzle that is pictured is what she is working on right now. It is one of those given to her for Christmas – a picture of birdhouses. When asked why she spends so much time doing puzzles she said, “I enjoy it.” She says it takes her mind off of things.
A favorite puzzle she put together and plans to put it together again is a picture of seashells, beautiful colorful shells. Some of her puzzles are on display in the dining room. (Pictured)
Another benefit of doing the puzzles is social. She had a partner helping her for a while. Visitors often get involved in her projects. A vendor who comes by has brought her whiteboards to lay the puzzles on. Occasionally, staff spends a little time with her putting a few pieces together. She isn’t shy about inviting whoever comes around to join her. It is not puzzling, therefore, why she finds pleasure in making beautiful pictures come together.