Cruisin’ to Texas

Our Spring Break Cruise arrived at Corpus Christi Thursday morning around 10:00 where we went to King Ranch for the annual Horse Lassoing contest, refereed by SEC Donna Vincent. Before getting too far into the trip they stopped by the Historic Oakville Jail to check the Wanted posters to make sure the law would not be looking for any one of them. There were a few familiar faces but not any of the tourists. While in Corpus Christi, Cruise Director Michelle Shelton organized trips to Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin.
First, it was off to Houston and then to Dallas where “tourists” went to the Silver Star Casino in Houston to enjoy a few games of Blackjack. The Dealer was CEO Donna Lee. Also, the G & P Longhorn Ranch hosted steer roping, coached by RSM Rachel Gregory. In Dallas there was a lot of interest in the “Who Shot JR” shooting gallery at the Southfork Ranch. The well-known sharp-shooter Angie Coleman helped the tourists with their aim. And of course tourists had to visit the AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys, where several participated in the Dallas Cowboys Football Tryouts. Coach Chris Ipok was on hand to give a hand. Before leaving Dallas there were animal visits at the Fritz Park Petting Farm. Animal Handler Andy Daniels gave everyone an opportunity for close-up interaction with the animals.
Traveling back south to San Antonio there was a stick Horse Race while visiting The Alamo. The winners, Racheal Bow and Kelsey Pyles, received 3D pictures of horses. It was time for a refreshing meal and siesta at the Tex Mex Meal-Alamo Café. Erika Lynn and her staff received a “sal-lute” from everyone for their fine job; along with Dawn Thompkins who assisted with the setup. Though their bellies were full, they had to stop at Lulu’s Bakery & Café in San Antonio for their unbelievable three pound cinnamon rolls (everything is bigger in Texas).
There was one more place of interest, the capital city of Austin. There the tourist enjoyed the challenging games Boot & Ball Stompin’ and Beer Bottle Ring Toss. DON Angela Wells, Restorative Nurse Aide Racheal Bow and Social Services Ashley Parrigin helped the participants overcome the challenges. They then headed back to Corpus Christi. They recheck the Wanted List to make sure no one had been added, and then boarded the ship for home. They will enjoy diving into Lulu’s cinnamon rolls on the long journey back home.