Congratulations to our team for being awarded The 800 Award!

Clinton County Care and Rehabilitation Center Honored with Reputation’s 800 Award for High Customer Satisfaction Reputation Award!

Signature HealthCARE is excited to announce Clinton County Care and Rehabilitation Center is among 23 Signature HealthCARE locations to be recognized by global customer experience and management leader, Reputation, with its 800 Award.

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Mother’s Day Bouquets

Mother’s Day was a good day in spite of the pandemic that has brought family separations. One activity was to make beautiful flower bouquets. The elders chose which flowers to be wrapped inside the paper vase they made. There were also Happy Mother’s Day cakes shared to celebrate the life and love of each mother.

Shields Up

Among the personal protective equipment needed against Covid-19 is face shields. This is because droplet contamination from Covid-19 can get into the eyes or other facial openings. There may come a time in which we will need them – when the order is given, “Shields up”. We are grateful for a generous donation of face shields from Somerset Community College. Pictured is Racheal Gregory, RSM, receiving the shields from Jill Lawson. Thank you, Jill, and thank you, Somerset Community College!

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Education to Grow By

Stacy Smith with the Clinton County Nutrition Education Program, which is a part of the Clinton County Cooperative Extension, has been providing gardening supplies and educational information for our Elders. This support to our Quality of Life program is greatly appreciated during these spring planting days. Nurturing plants is also nurturing to the human spirit. Our Elders are enjoying the outdoor activity, exercise, and revitalization. Thank you, Stacy, for this educational and quality of life support.

Back to School and Into the Community

We are a part of a good community where mutual support benefits all. Our connection to the school, to the children and families of Clinton County, is why we participated in the Public Library’s “End of Summer Reading Blast” event last week. We often take elders to the schools to interact with the students, bringing gifts and hugs. We continue to support the families of Clinton County and were pleased to join with the library in their efforts to do the same.

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Young Life-Changers

The youth of the United Church of the Nazarene took time to bring board games to spend time with the elders. From Chess to Checkers to Sorry, the young people brought a variety of games to engage the elders. Most of all they brought themselves to be present with them. Thank you to Joni & Kris Upchurch, Kaylee Stearns, Hailey Brown, Jesley Brown, Malachi Upchurch, Seth Flynn, Madeline Marcum, Harley Whitaker, and Mason Whitaker. As a part of their Vacation Bible School this week the youth did service projects in the community. This training can change them and can make them life-changers for others. So thank you to the leadership of the Albany United Church of the Nazarene and their training of young “life-changers”. For it is in serving others that lives are changed.