Protecting Our Elders

While CEO Joe Steier and “Legislative Lady” Kathy Galin encouraged and challenged us via video, Elders and stakeholders gathered together to register to vote or sign up for Signature’s PAC (Political Action Committee). The purpose and mission of the PAC is to “Protect our Seniors”. Signature’s PAC wants: 1) access to healthcare, 2) good healthcare policy, 3) real tort reform, 4) education advancement and 5) job security. We are grateful to our County Clerk, Nathan Collins, and his assistant, for being present to register voters. Important business requires food, so Quality of Life Director, Michelle Shelton, along with the Dietary staff, provided a colorful and delicious array of fruit, snacks and sweets. Every vote and every voice matters!


See You at the Back to School Bash

This flyer announces our plans to be present at the Clinton County Public Library’s Back to School event distributing school supplies and meeting and greeting families of our community. We hope to see you there.

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The Therapy of Outdoors

Children love being outdoors. So do elders. Here one of our elders is enjoying a drink from Sonic on a warm July afternoon. Therapy comes in many forms – talking a stroll outside is one of them, especially if it includes a refreshing drink with some happy campers. A special thank you to our campers and Rachel Gregory, Rehab Services Manager, for a little outdoors therapy.

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Exercise and a Summer Treat

Watermelon is a favorite all year round for several elders, but summertime provides the best watermelons of the year. So after exercising with the parachute in the morning, the elders and campers enjoyed relaxing to this favorite summertime treat in the afternoon. The parachute is great exercise for arm strength and range of motion and of course eating watermelon requires no exercise – just raise a slice to the mouth and smile really big as you take a bite.

A Toy Story

The slinky was invented 1943 by Richard James, an engineer designing a spring to support the engines of WWII naval vessels traversing rough ocean waters. When a sample spring accidentally fell off his worktable and “walked” across the floor, he was amused and thought to himself this could be a toy. It became the hottest new toy after the war and over the years since then has had off and on success. Most recently it gained new fans from a slinky dog named “Slink” in “Toy Story”.
The slinky’s graceful flowing descent down steps is what it is best known for. Elders and campers both share a fascination with this toy. They each took turns “walking” a slinky down stacked hymn books. They enjoyed the challenge of learning the knack for launching the slinky just right to make it all the way down.

Finding Purpose

With aging there is a threat of losing what, at one time, gave meaning to life. The kids are grown and gone. No longer able to work or take care of the house, the garden, etcetera. An elder residing in a nursing home might ask “Why am I here? What purpose does my life serve?” Ben has been active in business and Christian ministry most of his life. Age and disease threatened to take all of that away. But he has been able to experience renewed purpose while living in our home. He has been teaching Sunday School most every Sunday now for several months. By printing the scriptural text in large print he is able to read and teach from the Bible. This is something he enjoys thinking about and preparing for throughout the week. It is giving him meaning to the question “Why am I here?”. It is our aim to renew purpose and meaning to the lives of all the elders that reside at Clinton County Care & Rehabilitation Center.

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Reading With Grandma

There is something bonding between children and their parent or grandparent when it comes to reading. Sitting together and listening to a story being read is something many of us remember from our childhood. Recently, our campers took the initiative practicing their literacy by reading to our “grandmas and grandpas”. Some of the young readers were Akira, Rylee, Ashlyn & Kassie and Keegan. Afterwards, one of our “grandmas”, a former school teacher, read to the children. For both children and elders, memories were being formed.


A Bit of Carnival Games & Treats

The weather was stormy on the outside but it was carnival time on the inside with games and treats for the elders and the campers. The elders got to enjoy the children, watch them in their competition, play a game themselves and enjoy a few treats. There were sack races, an egg balancing race, ping pong ball challenge. For treats we had lollipops and cotton candy. Life goes on, no matter the weather. We firmly believe in enjoying each day with our elders, stakeholders and campers.


Elder Profile: Lucille’s Birds

Lucille loves birds. She says it started as a child. Her mother loved birds and it rubbed off on her, she loved watching them. Lucille would even climb trees to get a better view of the young birds. Another passion she has is coloring with colored pencils. She colored the little bird-feeder on her bedside table, the parrot and other pictures she has posted to her walls. Lucille’s family recently got her a beautiful copper colored bird-feeder to add to our courtyard. It is something she will enjoy whenever she can sit outside. Watching the birds feed and listening to their song lifts her spirit. But not only for herself but others will also enjoy watching the birds. We are thankful to Shirley, Lucille’s oldest daughter, for this gift to her mother and to Lucille’s “home”.