Messages on the Parking Lot

Upon arriving for work the other day, I was greeted not by messages in the sand, or messages in a bottle, but by messages on the parking lot. Someone with artistic skill and biblical inspiration wrote the verses of Matthew 5:16 & Isaiah 41:10, in colorful Easter-like colors. I am thankful for this reminder from an unknown source. The light does overcome the darkness and removes the fear!

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Eden Alternative Principle #2

On this week’s roll call, Eden Alternative’s Principle #2 will be shared. It is called the Solution Statement. Following Principle #1’s identification of Three Plagues, Principle #2 leads to solutions to these plagues.

On this week’s Roll Call, prayer at our home is attributed to the vision of President and CEO Joe Steier. Because one of the pillar’s of Signature HealthCARE LLC is Spirituality, we prayed with tens of thousands of American citizens for yesterday’s National Day of Prayer.

Maintaining Purpose

One of the seven areas of well-being is meaning and purpose. We all need to feel our lives have meaning and purpose. Maintaining that in a nursing home is often a challenge. Ben Cable is finding meaning. Listen to this audio clip about his ministry.

Corpus Christi

On Maundy Thursday, our home participated in Spring Break by “taking a cruise” to Corpus Christi, Texas, and other tourist destinations in the state of Texas. Also, this was the day Christians celebrate Communion. In Communion, or in the Mass, the bread represents the Body of Christ. The Latin for Body of Christ is Corpus Christi. On this week’s Roll Call radio spot I review our Spring Break and note this parallel.

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Volunteer Appreciation Month

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month and it is with deep gratitude this week’s Roll Call radio spot featured those churches who frequent our home with uplifting music and messages. Take a couple of minutes to listen to the broadcast that names those churches in our community that reach out to us here at Clinton County Care and Rehabilitation Center.


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It was wonderful!

That is what Patsy said when asked how her spa treatment went. She described how QOL Director Michelle Shelton applied aromatic ointments and sprays to her face and head. The aromas, Patsy emphasized, smelled so good and brought deep relaxation. With a soft cloth, the ointment was applied to her forehead and around her eyes causing tensions to ease. Special balls were used to relax the hands and arms. Then an aromatic mist was sprayed over her head and she said that it was just wonderful. Several other elders had very similar experiences. Patsy said she would recommend it to anyone!

Spring Revival

Spring revives the earth. Dormant trees, flowers, and other flora spring back to life. The spirit also needs a similar season of spring, something we call Revival. Recently, we had our Spring Revival and were blessed by the ministries of Nathan Boils and Highway Home. Nathan is a young Methodist pastor with a heart for ministry. Highway Home is led by Ronnie Pyles and features bluegrass style gospel music. The attached recording is a sample of the services conducted here in our home. A special thanks goes to Pastor Boils and Highway Home for refreshing our spirits.

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Celebration of Life

Families, residents and stakeholders gathered to remember and celebrate the lives of those who passed away last year. It was a meaningful time of recounting the joys of sharing life with the elders and their families. Stakeholders shared their feelings of gratitude for the opportunity to serve. Families shared their gratitude for the care their loved ones received. Testimonials were shared honoring the lives of the individuals but also of the generation they were apart of. There were songs, short eulogies, poems and white roses as the community came together for mutual honor, respect and support.

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