A story of love – a Valentines Visit

The Valentines Visit – A Story of Love

The weather was harsh, but a hearty few left the warmth of the Home to share Valentine hugs and treats with school children. Seeing the children brought instant joy to many of the Elders. They read stories and gave out treat bags Activities Director, Michelle Shelton, had help them prepare. The bond between Elders and children is special and it was a pleasure to be a part of bringing them together. I hope you enjoy this video story.


Ask the Chaplain…

Why is Easter called Easter?

The short and simple answer is Chistianity “took over” pagan celebrations of spring. The name “Easter” came from the name of a pagan goddess. Therefore, Easter is a “mixed bag” of Christian and non-Christian symbols. (Such as the Easter Bunny, for example.)

If there is a lesson for life, in the history of Easter, perhaps it is adaptability. One of the questions to ask about an issue is whether there is room for compromise and adapting. Is it really an “all or nothing” matter; or, is it a matter of opinion and preference. Most Christians found a way to adapt the pagan symbols to Christian themes of resurrection and life. Consequently, in all my years of celebrating Easter, there has been little to no serious conflict over this adaptation.

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