Thank you!

It was a beautiful expression of the Christmas spirit of giving and joyful praise. The congregation of Aaron’s Chapel brought music and gifts. They were dressed in the colors of Christmas. Children distributed gifts as the adults lifted spirits with their singing. They went from neighborhood to neighborhood, making sure every Resident was ministered to. We are very grateful for the ministry of local congregations throughout the year and at this season. Thank you!

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Winners of the Halloween Wreaths

At last week’s Pumpkin Walk at the Learning Center we gave tickets for a drawing to be done at the end of the evening’s activities. Jessie & Peggy are the two young ladies who won the Halloween Wreaths! Our wreaths featured were bats, & spooky skeletons! Congratulations to these young ladies & their win! We’re always so pleased to participate in this community event!

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Hogwarts, A School of Magic

Harry Potter and the school of wizardry he attended, called Hogwarts, is a featured season of magic at this year’s Senior Olympics. The elders “attended” Hogwarts to learn how to make magic wands as they are preparing for the Olympics. Padding the handle and adding personal designs to the wands required some assistance and a steady hand while applying the hot glue. Afterwards, each uniquely designed wand was painted by each elder. There was a sense of accomplishment with the final product. A part of the journey was to eat from the Hogwarts snack cart, Honeydukes. Some of the snacks are not for the faint of heart, for if you look closely, you might see a few unusual delicacies.

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Eden Alternative Principles 4&5

These recent radio spot announcements, Roll Call August 2 and Roll Call August 9, share Eden Alternative Principles 4 & 5 on the antidotes for helplessness and boredom. These remedies for two of the three plagues reveal the philosophy and wisdom and the Eden Alternative for managing elders’ needs for the opportunity to give as well as receive help and to remain active with meaningful and interesting activities.


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Sacred Music Touches the Soul

Every week local churches bring the hymns of faith that are reminiscent of childhood worship experiences and re-inspire elders as they continue their journey of life. We are very grateful for those churches that make the effort to share songs, sermon, and handshakes. Here are Central Grove Baptist Church and Peolia United Methodist Church recently contributing to the spiritual needs of elders.

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The Sweet Sounds of Harmony

Harmony enriches music and life. The Pleasant Ridge Singers come each month with the sweet sounds of harmony filling each neighborhood (hall) and main room. They come as supper is concluding. They generally range in age from young to very young. They flow as one, both musically and as a group. The elders frequently praise their presence and their peaceful harmonious sound.

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A Plant Needs a Caregiver

Taking care of plants can give elders a sense of helpfulness that can counteract the overwhelming feeling of helplessness. Principle #4 of the Eden Alternative states that “an elder-centered community creates opportunity to give as well as receive care. This is the antidote to helplessness.” Here Bryan is harvesting fresh tomatoes that have been nurtured by staff and elders. It is another way being an Eden Alternative home is changing the culture.

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Back to School and Into the Community

We are a part of a good community where mutual support benefits all. Our connection to the school, to the children and families of Clinton County, is why we participated in the Public Library’s “End of Summer Reading Blast” event last week. We often take elders to the schools to interact with the students, bringing gifts and hugs. We continue to support the families of Clinton County and were pleased to join with the library in their efforts to do the same.

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