Reading With Grandma

There is something bonding between children and their parent or grandparent when it comes to reading. Sitting together and listening to a story being read is something many of us remember from our childhood. Recently, our campers took the initiative practicing their literacy by reading to our “grandmas and grandpas”. Some of the young readers were Akira, Rylee, Ashlyn & Kassie and Keegan. Afterwards, one of our “grandmas”, a former school teacher, read to the children. For both children and elders, memories were being formed.


A Bit of Carnival Games & Treats

The weather was stormy on the outside but it was carnival time on the inside with games and treats for the elders and the campers. The elders got to enjoy the children, watch them in their competition, play a game themselves and enjoy a few treats. There were sack races, an egg balancing race, ping pong ball challenge. For treats we had lollipops and cotton candy. Life goes on, no matter the weather. We firmly believe in enjoying each day with our elders, stakeholders and campers.


Elder Profile: Lucille’s Birds

Lucille loves birds. She says it started as a child. Her mother loved birds and it rubbed off on her, she loved watching them. Lucille would even climb trees to get a better view of the young birds. Another passion she has is coloring with colored pencils. She colored the little bird-feeder on her bedside table, the parrot and other pictures she has posted to her walls. Lucille’s family recently got her a beautiful copper colored bird-feeder to add to our courtyard. It is something she will enjoy whenever she can sit outside. Watching the birds feed and listening to their song lifts her spirit. But not only for herself but others will also enjoy watching the birds. We are thankful to Shirley, Lucille’s oldest daughter, for this gift to her mother and to Lucille’s “home”.

Bubble Painting and Beads

Yesterday, elders and campers did crafts with bubble painting and beads. They used a very interesting technique to create pieces of abstract art. Using bubble blowing solution and blowers, the elders first of all colored the solution with various colors. Then they blew the colored bubbles. When the bubbles contacted the paper the bubbles burst leaving a print. The activity fulfills not only preparations for next month’s art gallery but also Signature’s “Breath Life” program of encouraging activities that strengthen the lungs. Afterwards, they made bracelets and necklaces with colorful beads. This was another day of being family.

Going Home

There were a few tears, lots of smiles and a whole lot of hugs as we said “Goodbye” to Margaret Nell Copas. There was also cake and ice cream as stakeholders and elders joined in the celebration. A surprise for the staff was a beautiful treat basket of fruit and candy presented by the family in appreciation to the staff.

After successful physical therapy she was ready to be back in the familiar sights and sounds of home. With the support of her beloved family, and the dedicated work of her therapy team, she was able to leave our facility to continue her recovery at home.

Nell, as she is commonly known, was a very gracious member of our nursing home family. It was a true pleasure to get to know her, for those of us who didn’t know her, and to serve her. She will, indeed, be missed.

Congratulations, Nell! Our love, thought, and prayers go with you.

Celebrating the 4th In a Big Way

“Do it again,” said Clay, who was there with his RSM mother, Rachel Gregory, after the fireworks show was over. That’s right, we had our very own semi-private fabulous fireworks show that was professionally done. It was “semi-private” because the fireworks filled the sky for neighboring blocks to also see.

A special thanks to Lamon Hubbs and the team of LT Fireworks & Display. The fire department, our elders, stakeholders, and family members of Clinton County Care & Rehab Center were treated to an exclusive fireworks display celebrating our nation’s 243rd birthday. Now how cool is that?!

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Fresh Vegetables from the Garden

A big part of home in the summer time is gardening and here Elmer is cutting lettuce for today’s meal. Onions, tomatoes and other veggies will be harvested this year. This is a great “win-win”. The elders enjoy the activity and the kitchen gets fresh vegetables. Then, of course, everyone gets a healthy delicious treat. Yum, yum!


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Derby Day

There was no rain and mud as Cracker Jack, Ghost, Old Blackie, Blaze, and Black Snapper lined up at the starting line for the Run for the Roses horserace at Clinton County Care & Rehab Center. Of course, we were not at Churchill Downs but for our elders it was fun to compete at home for the wreath. Winning the coveted wreath were Ruby Jones and Enno Rednour. Ruby’s horse was Cracker Jack and Enno’s was Ghost. Congratulations!

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National Day of Prayer

What a blessed time we had observing this year’s National Day of Prayer at our home. We were honored by the presence of our Mayor, Lyle Pierce; our County Judge Executive, Ricky Craig; and our Circuit Court Clerk, Jake Staton and his wife, Sandy. Each of these community leaders led us in prayer for the favor of God and His kindness upon us nationally as well as locally. A highlight was the Presentation of Colors by our own Clinton County JROTC under the command of Major Ramsey, and the singing of the National Anthem by Sandy Staton. Because of a beautiful morning, we were able to present our petitions to Heaven under the canopy of God’s heavens.

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