Thank you, Debbie

She faithfully comes each month with a bookmobile filled with books and media resources. It is reading time for the elders and Debbie’s selections are always appropriate for the seasons, the holidays and the interest of the elders. Her smile, kind and pleasant manner comforts the elders as they listen to her stories. It is obvious she enjoys what she does.
Likewise, the stakeholders appreciate her attention to their interests in books, audio and video materials. She gives each of her clients personal attention and goes the extra mile bringing materials that fit their interests. Everyone loves Ms. Debbie and her exciting bookmobile.

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Indoor Snowball Throwing

Since we made snow and snowmen, a little snowball throwing was in order. Targets were set up for residents to practice their accuracy. Several elders enjoyed the challenge of hitting the targets but the goal was more than that. The goal of the practice was targeting the Quality of Life Director with their “snowballs”. Hitting her brought more laughter and joy!

25 Cent Movie

“It was just as good as when I saw it in the theater for 25 cents,” she said. What movie was she talking about? “G.I. Blues,” starring Elvis Presley.

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