Celebrating the 4th In a Big Way

“Do it again,” said Clay, who was there with his RSM mother, Rachel Gregory, after the fireworks show was over. That’s right, we had our very own semi-private fabulous fireworks show that was professionally done. It was “semi-private” because the fireworks filled the sky for neighboring blocks to also see.

A special thanks to Lamon Hubbs and the team of LT Fireworks & Display. The fire department, our elders, stakeholders, and family members of Clinton County Care & Rehab Center were treated to an exclusive fireworks display celebrating our nation’s 243rd birthday. Now how cool is that?!

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Fresh Vegetables from the Garden

A big part of home in the summer time is gardening and here Elmer is cutting lettuce for today’s meal. Onions, tomatoes and other veggies will be harvested this year. This is a great “win-win”. The elders enjoy the activity and the kitchen gets fresh vegetables. Then, of course, everyone gets a healthy delicious treat. Yum, yum!


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Derby Day

There was no rain and mud as Cracker Jack, Ghost, Old Blackie, Blaze, and Black Snapper lined up at the starting line for the Run for the Roses horserace at Clinton County Care & Rehab Center. Of course, we were not at Churchill Downs but for our elders it was fun to compete at home for the wreath. Winning the coveted wreath were Ruby Jones and Enno Rednour. Ruby’s horse was Cracker Jack and Enno’s was Ghost. Congratulations!

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National Day of Prayer

What a blessed time we had observing this year’s National Day of Prayer at our home. We were honored by the presence of our Mayor, Lyle Pierce; our County Judge Executive, Ricky Craig; and our Circuit Court Clerk, Jake Staton and his wife, Sandy. Each of these community leaders led us in prayer for the favor of God and His kindness upon us nationally as well as locally. A highlight was the Presentation of Colors by our own Clinton County JROTC under the command of Major Ramsey, and the singing of the National Anthem by Sandy Staton. Because of a beautiful morning, we were able to present our petitions to Heaven under the canopy of God’s heavens.

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Red Hats, Dancing Shoes, Smiling Faces

They call themselves The Red Hat Society. Jean Piercey is considered their Queen. Ms. Piercey was a recent inductee into our Hall of Fame for her volunteer work. One of the things she does is schedule the Red Hat Society to visit our home. Their Easter entertainment, performed last week, brought numerous praises from our elders. The Society not only dresses colorfully, but they also dance. Their choreographed dancing encouraged joyfulness and fun. Even some of the staff wanted to participate in the dancing. It was Red Hats, dancing shoes and a lot of smiling faces. Thank you to Jean Piercey and the Red Hat Society.

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Easter Egg Hunt

Rainy weather did not deter our elders from providing an Easter Egg Hunt for elementary school students last week. On Good Friday, several elders scattered eggs filled with candy treats across the gymnasium floor of the Elementary School. Principal Armstrong has supported this intergenerational activity with enthusiasm. We appreciate him and his staff for this opportunity. The elders had a wonderful time and the student’s Easter was a little more cheerful.

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Cruisin’ to Texas

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Volunteers Come in All Sizes

It was what she wanted to do – bring her choir to sing for her grandmother. But, it was more than coming to sing for her grandmother, she wanted to bring the music of her Children’s Choir to the nursing home. Her name is Grace and she is the eleven year old granddaughter of Lucille. They have a special relationship. Lucille said Grace wanted to be her one and only granddaughter. But since she couldn’t be that, since that just isn’t the case, she could be her “special granddaughter”.
Grace attends the Monticello Nazarene Church. She is a member of the Children’s Choir, enjoys singing and has a heart to reach out to others. The group reportedly “goes everywhere” bringing song and joy to many hearts. We look forward to their return.

Getting Ready for Easter

One of the elders’ favorite annual events is hosting an Easter Egg Hunt for the elementary students. Seeing the excited students run through the field sweeping up eggs is very satisfying. The best part are the hugs afterward. A lot of preparation goes into the hundreds and hundreds of eggs that will be carpeted on the field at the local elementary school. It takes several hands willing to get it done!

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And the Winner is…

PINK LADIES! Katie Carter and Reba Lewis are our WINNERS for the local Chopped Bake-off. Their recipe was Fresh Strawberry Mousse and had to include the secret ingredients of graham crackers, cream cheese and a pack of chocolate mix. They received high ratings in all four categories: presentation, taste, color and overall. Out of a possible 40 points, they received 36 points.
June Pugh, from the County Clerk’s office, and Phillip Cooper, with Lifeline judged the competition. We want to say thank you for their time and service. We greatly appreciate it!