Clinton County Care: January


Jackie Marcum has been employed with us in the dietary/laundry department for eight months now. She has been happily married to Bill Marcum for ten years and has been blessed with five children: Bobby, Stephanie, Ashley, Alex, and Tyler.

Jackie also is the grandmother of Billy, Katie, Abby, Valerie, Kelsey, and Zack. Jackie is surrounded by her siblings and co-workers Bonnie Goodman SRNA and Shelia Brown from dietary.

During Jackie’s days at home, she enjoys expanding her knowledge by reading and doing puzzles. When she is not at home, she is out taking pleasure in nature walks where she hopefully will encounter her favorite slithering creature, the snake.

Jackie also enjoys time shopping and watching movies. We are blessed to have Jackie as part of our team and want to thank her for her hard work and dedication.